Pink and Brown Peplum Dress


I had so much fun making this! I love trim and this is pretty strong proof of that. 
This piece evolved as it came together, there was no real plan involved.  As a finished product I think it help to create any number of feminine characters, someone who enjoys the finer things in life but also likes to do for themselves. Paired with a pair of tights, some boots, a necklace and maybe a short cape this dress could easily be the centre piece of an awesome costume or night out outfit, who says you can't be a elf or hard working mage at dinner?

Pink Dress: Upcycled. 100% Polyester. Lightweight with some stretch.
Brown Skirt: Upcycled. 100% Polyester. Lightweight faux suede.
Various trims: New. 100% Polyester.
Leaf Charms: Upcycled, metal.

Bust:The dress form pictured is set at 41 inches, this is the maximum, an inch or two smaller would also fit.
Waist: The dress form pictured is set at 33, this is the maximum, an inch or two smaller would fit. 
If you're unsure if this piece would fit you please send an email through the form here or from wherever you choose,, I can answer all your fitting questions and concerns. There's always a chance to make small alterations to make it fit you better. 

Do NOT put in the washing machine or dryer. Spot clean for debris and spray (fabreeze) for smell. The original tag on the pink dress says professional spot clean only but I put it in the washing machine when I brought it home from the thrift store, however with all the trims I've added I would not advise that.