"Ideally I’d be running barefoot through a forest in a flowing dress made of moss and leaves I’d fashioned myself with my magic wand while talking to animals. This is the next best thing" --Heather



About Heather

I started this company so I could be creative, I wouldn’t have to work for someone else and I could be the company conscience.

I am a creative person, have been so all my life. I thought keeping it for my hobbies would be enough for me but in the end it wasn’t.

I have had a few jobs in my life, none of which I kept for more than a year and only a couple of which I liked for the short amount of time in which I did them. Same for the bosses, only liked a couple and the others ranged from ignorable to in your face terrible. Although, I have made some really good friends ranting about your terrible boss/job.

I went to school in 2008 for a liberal arts degree called Social Justice and Peace Studies which left me feeling depressed and hopeless. I took this degree over a creative one out of a sense of duty, it taught me a lot but in the end I only used it to teach English overseas, which I was not good at. 

Now I love using a skill that my mother taught me when I was child to earn a living. I’m a hopeless romantic and tend to gaze upon the past with rose coloured glasses and the idea of generational skills and having that connection is very satisfying to me.


Creativity with a conscience. (Sustainability) 

I want to create positive change and I think by building a sustainable business I am helping to create, or at least participate in the new green economy.

I have largely ignored the state of the environment for the past few years, too scared and guilty to even think of it. Now I’m changing that, I want to be part of the solution and to be creative.

This company is my start to cultivating hope for my future which includes that of the Earth and my future children.


Our sustainable actions:

What I have implemented from the beginning:

  • Custom sizes. I sell products of various sizes on my site to showcase my abilities and style however, my bread and butter is custom orders made to your specific measurements.
  • Education. It seems to be the answer to a lot of things...and it is. I make YouTube videos about the fashion industry and the sustainability or lack thereof of different materials and techniques used in the textile industry.
  • Quality. I strive to create quality pieces that express a unique style and fit you well.
  • Upcycling. I started out using new bamboo, hemp and organic cotton textiles for my first pieces before switching to upcycling. Now I use 95% upcycled materials along with new notions like thread and glue.


Our sustainability goals for the future:

  • Zero waste. I have a huge collection of scraps and am waiting for inspiration about what to do with the scraps and learning how to avoid them all together with zero waste designs and patterns.   
  • Create even more content about eco-fashion to educate those interested in greening the clothed parts of their lives.   


Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or suggestions please drop us a line below.

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