Langford, Victoria B.C. Tailoring Services

Introducing My Tailoring Services

Welcome to the Tailoring Services page! Here, I offer a variety of sewing solutions tailored to your unique needs, including dress alterations, custom clothing, wedding gowns, and formal wear. Please note that the list of services provided is not exhaustive, so if you don't see what you need, don't hesitate to reach out—I may still be able to help! Understanding the importance of safety and convenience, I provide a no-contact drop-off system for jobs that do not require an in-person meeting. For items that need a fitting or consultation, I work by appointment only, ensuring personalized attention and the perfect fit. To schedule an appointment with me, simply click here, fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page. I'm excited to help bring your vision to life and make you feel fabulous in your expertly tailored garments!



These Prices are APPROXIMATE and subject to change, thank you.

10% off on all orders of 5 items or more.


Tops, Shirts & Blouses

Hem: $15 – $30

Slim: $25 – $35

Shorten Sleeves (no cuff details): $15 – $30

Shorten Sleeves (with cuff details): $20 – $35

Adjust Shoulders (no sleeves): $15 – $25

Adjust Shoulder (with sleeves): $25 – $45

Slim Sleeves: $15 – $35

Add Darts: $10 – $25


Pants & Bottoms

Standard Hem: $15

Blind Hem: $25

Slim Leg (without lining): $20 – $40

Adjust Waist: $25 – $45



Hem: $20

Slim Leg: $50

Adjust Waist: Not Currently Available


Casual Dresses & Skirts

Hem: $25 – $35

Hem with Pleats/Details: $35 – $45

Take in: $25 – $65

Shorten Sleeves (No Cuff): $15 – $25

Shorten Sleeves (Cuff): $25 – $35

Slim Sleeves (not cuff): $15 – $25

Adjust Shoulder (No Sleeves): $15 – $25

Adjust Shoulder (With Sleeves): $25-$45


Jackets & Coats

Shorten: $30 – $90

Slim: $40 – $60

Shorten Sleeves (from cuff): $25 – $60

Shorten Sleeves (from shoulder): $30 – $75

Slim Sleeves (not cuff): $25 – $45

Adjust Shoulders: $75 – $150




Plain Hem: $85-150

Scalloped Lace Hem: $300 - $500

Bustles: $25 for the first, $15 for each additional

Take in side seams: $85 - $125

Bust Darts: $45 - $65



Zipper Replacement: $40+

Attach Buttons: $5 first $2 each additional

Button Holes: $5 first $2 each additional



Creative Mending

Popped a stitch? Worn out the knees of your favourite jeans? Holes in your warmest hand knit socks?

It's not the end of life sentence you may think, simply an opportunity in disguise.

Creative mending can bring new life to your favourite, well loved piece.

Mending projects are vast and varied as are their prices. Minimum price is 10$.



Embroidery is a great way to embellish, personalize or even mend any piece.

I have a Brother NQ1400E embroidery machine. The largest frame can fit a 10 inch by 6 inch design in PES format.

My favourite sites to find designs are and

Embroidery projects are vast varied as are the prices.  Minimum is 15$.


Custom Pieces

Please see my custom order page.


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