Custom Orders

Custom Orders

Why Custom Clothing?

I believe the future of clothing is custom everything.

#1 Sizing

As you may know trying to find something in your size at ready to wear clothing stores is a never ending nightmare, for the most part. That's not the fault of you or your body. When ready to wear clothing was invented it was meant to be tailored, and since 1950's clothing brands have been manipulating clothing sizes to manipulate you. Check out the Mythrose YouTube channel for a full video about clothing sizes.

#2 Style

It's hard to express yourself via fashion choices with clothing that is mass produced to appeal to millions of people. And it's impossible to explore your unique style while keeping up with trends that change as fast as every week.

#3 Ethical

It's my goal to offer upcycled pieces, and if I can fulfill your wishes with upcycled fabrics/goods I will and that's sustainable. But even if I have to buy something new by having a piece that's made for your body and style by a self employed woman in her own home who is paying herself a living wage, well that's a big f**k you to all the fast fashion brands.


Steps to Make a Custom Order

#1 Email Me Email:

Use the contact form below:
Describe what you want, if it's based on something on my website or Instagram etc. please make that clear. What kind of fabric would you like? You don't need to know anything about fabric, just describe the weight and how you'd like it to feel and look. The body type this piece is intended for (if applicable). At this point I don't need your measurements yet but to start designing it is helpful to know what kind of body I am designing for.

#2 Let's Chat

I will email you back with, probably, a bunch of questions and give you an option to continue communicating via email, DM or video chat. In these chats we will finalize all design elements.

#3 Continuing Communication

Custom orders can take A LOT of commutation. For example; checking that the reality that is being created is close enough to your imagination, checking that you like the fabric/trim/embroidery design, making alternate plans if the chosen material is not available or there is not enough of it, dealing with any unforeseen problems that come up that will affect the final look and/or feel/fit of the piece(s).

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