The Runaway - Pink and Brown Tailcoat

Be ye pirate? Warrior? Adventurer? Thief?

This upcycled beauty is ready for adventure!

Made by hand of 95% (approx.) upcycled materials, it is one of kind, no one in your larping group or at the ren fair will have a piece like it.

The body of the piece started life as a bright pink cotton button down dress with a collar. I hand dyed it to a darker pink with dye I had left over from another project. The brown of the bodice is faux leather/pleather that I found at a thrift store some time ago. The top of the puff sleeves and the hood are a poly chiffon, also found at a thrift store (thrift stores have surprisingly good fabric selections), finished with French seams for aesthetic and durability purposes. The whole piece is finished with brown bias tape, purchased new. Also purchased new, the trim around the back side of the waist decorating where the pink tail meets the brown bodice.

This is a SMALL piece. For best fit the max bust measurement for the wearer should be 34 inches at the largest part, with this size bust the piece would fit as it does in the photos on the dress form, with the top button undone. To close the top button the chest of the wearer should measure 32-33 inches. The waist of the wearer should measure no more than 30 inches, if your waist is smaller you will simply have more breathing room, the piece will still look smart on you. There is some stretch to this piece, if your measurements are close but not exactly what I have mentioned here you may still fit.

Because of the pleather, chiffon, trim and horsehair braid (in the hood) this piece CANNOT be put in a washing machine or dryer. It requires spot washing by hand for spot and airing out or spraying for odour removal. All parts of it can get wet but not tossed around and heated as it would in the washing machine and dryer. I don't know if it would survive dry cleaning.

If you have any questions about this piece please don't hesitate to ask, I am happy to set up a video call to give you a closer look.