Shimmering Orange Chemise Dress with Belt and Arm Bands


Going to a Royal ball, walk in the palace hedge maze or perhaps meeting your beloved? This get up will get you there! 
Made from an old sari (orange), some found velvet (beige) and a discarded curtain panel (brown belt lining) this who ensemble is guilt free indulgence worthy of royalty. Even the orange beads are upcycled from dated jewelry! 

The elastic in the shoulders stretches up to 52 inches around or 26 inches across.
From top to bottom the dress measures 49 inches. Model is 5'4" in height.
The belt can fit an waist up to 40 inches. On a larger or smaller waist than the model (29 inches) the ties will wrap around more or less times and sit differently.
The arm bands can fit a circumference of up to 15 inches (model's arms measure 11.5).
The middle part of the belt is connecting the waist band to the collar is 6 inches. 
The collar can accommodate a neck with a circumference of up to 15 inches.

Spot wash by hand.