Purple Fantasy Riding Outfit


Meet the damsel who's never in distress and always keeps her cool. A modern fantasy woman who can take care of herself and her kingdom while looking amazing! 

This is a whole outfit, full lace up top with puffy caged sleeves, wrist bands, bonus arm bands and riding skirt. All you need to add is a pair of tights (which you already have) and maybe some jewelry, although this baby basically is it's own jewelry. With yards or ribbon, satin and sequin trim you'll sparkle without needing to add a thing. 

The top has pockets and the skirt is reversible.  A matching mask is available upon request at no extra cost. The black belt is included, it's secondhand.

The top is made from a cotton blend dress. The skirt is made from second hand poly blend fabrics. The trim and grommets/eyelets are all new. (It is very difficult to impossible to get enough of the same trim to make something like this, but I'll keep looking.)

The model in the photos (me, the designer) has a bust of 36 inches and a waist of 30 inches, it fits me but is slightly on the large size. I wouldn't recommend it for someone smaller than myself without some tailoring.
Bust: 35 to 39 inches
Waist: 30 t0 35 inches
With my dress form set to a 39 inch bust and a 35 inch waist the top fit comfortably with a 1.5-2 inch gap between edges of the lace up. The skirt fits a 30 inch waist quite snuggly, if you're purchasing this for a larger waist please let me know and I'll loosen the elastic in the back of the skirt.