Grown Up Red Riding Hood - Floral Tailcoat

Want the flourish of a dress but the practicality of pants? A tailcoat may be the answer to your cosplay woes. Easy to put on and take off, easy to move, looks amazing, what more could an adventurer ask for?

Made by hand of 95% (approx.) upcycled materials, it is one of kind, no one in your larping group or at the ren fair will have a piece like it.

The body of the piece started life as an Indian kurta (a loose fitting tunic like garment) and an unrelated sweater. The floral body of the piece is the kurta, it is made of an unknown lightweight and 'flowy' fabric and the hood and sleeves are from a cotton blend sweater. The buckles in the front are upcycled from thrift store belts, the straps they are attached to are real scrap leather. The whole piece is finished with teal bias tape, purchased new. Also purchased new, the elastic under the bust and the horse hair braid sewn into the hood to give it a less floppy shape..

This is a medium/large piece. The idea measurements for this piece are a bust of 41 inches and an under bust of 36.5 inches, however there is flexibility either way on both of those measurements. If you're not sure, just send me a message and I can adjust my dress form to your measurements and show you how it fits.

Because of the leather, unknown makeup of the fabric and horsehair braid (in the hood) this piece CANNOT be put in a washing machine or dryer. It requires spot washing by hand for spots and airing out or spraying for odour removal. I don't know if it would survive dry cleaning.

If you have any questions about this piece please don't hesitate to ask, I am happy to set up a video call to give you a closer look.