Reversible Short Button-up Cape


Are you a hopeless romantic walking alone in the woods along a trail peppered with wild flowers singing in the spots of sunlight that glitter down through the forest canopy?

Or maybe you're an elf starting an adventure to restore a magical artifact to it's rightful owner before the wrong creatures get their hands on it.

Either way, this cape may be the perfect piece to complete your ensemble. 

This cape is reversible. One side being a faux suede fabric of a deep plumb colour, the other being a silky polyester fabric of a green and cream ombre colouring and purple paisley like pattern. Both fabrics are upcycled.  The buttons on the purple are made of coconut and on the opposite side, mother of pearl. The buttons were purchased new from a small shop in Istanbul when I was visiting family there.

The cape measurements are as follows:
Neck opening: 12.5 inches across, 5 inches wide.
Back of neck to hem: 3o inches
Front of neck to hem (buttons): 5 inches
Side of neck to hem: 28 inches

I am NOT offering alterations for this piece.