Blue and Gold Reversible Cape with Oversized Hood


Are you a hopeless romantic walking alone in the woods along a trail peppered with wild flowers singing in the spots of sunlight that glitter down through the forest canopy?

Or maybe you're an elf starting an adventure to restore a magical artifact to it's rightful owner before the wrong creatures get their hands on it.

Either way, this cape may be the perfect piece to complete your ensemble.

This is an upcycled cape made of a second hand polyester sari (blue) and an upcycled bed sheet (gold). It is very light weight.
It is reversible, has an over sized hood and an extra long tie.

Neck to hem: 39.5 inches
Tie length: 80 inches
Hood height: 19.5 inches
Hood depth: 17.25 inches

Unlike most of my products this could be washed in the machine on a gentle cycle although I would avoid it myself, better spot wash by hand and spray for smell and totally avoid the dryer.