Winter Blossom

A blossom in winter time, this skirt is perfect for anyone who loves snow, sparkles and holidays but whose thoughts never stray too far from spring and summer flowers.

For this skirt I offer extra tailoring for FREE. Below are the maximum measurements it will fit in its current state. The waist band is not overly stretchy and therefore the max waist and hips is the same size (because you have to be able to pull the waistband over your hips). I will add a zipper for you if your waist is 30 inches or less but your hips are bigger. If your waist is smaller I will take it in.
Waist and Hips max 30 inches.
Length: 44 Inches (from top of waistband to point of lace)

Story of this Skirt.
It started as white ribbed cotton (I think) knee length handkerchief skirt. I dyed it blue using a fibre reactive dye I had left over from another project. I removed the waist band from the skirt to add the lace, which is an upcycled curtain. I then added lace leaves (also left over from a personal project) and handmade flowers (made from upcycled scrap fabric) by hand with needle and thread. Finally I glued upcycled sparkly beads to the middle of some of the flowers and pinned a thrift store broach to the top flower, which can be removed and worn as a pendant or broach.

This skirt was a journey to make, I had no plan when I brought the original home from the store. When I decided to dye it blue and use lace over top I thought I was really on to something, then I got stuck and had to ignore it for a while. The leaves were in the plan early on but I wasn't happy with it, then I added the flowers and loved how they looked so I made more. Finally it just need a touch of sparkle and voila, I am very happy with the final product and I hope you will too.

Avoid washing, use fabric deodorizer when possible.
Spot wash by hand, do not soak.

This is a ONE OF A KIND piece. I may, in the future, make something similar if the materials and inspiration come together at the right time but because I use recycled/upcycled/found materials it is nearly impossible to make something twice on purpose.

Total approximate hours spent on this piece: 30