Why I have chosen to offer exclusively upcycled products


Why I  have chosen to offer exclusively upcycled products.
When I first decided I wanted to start a fashion business I thought I could make clothes with new sustainable fabrics. I started with bamboo, although I knew it wasn't the best I thought it's better than the usual, and hemp. Both were mixed with organic cotton as well as a small amount of polyester, for stretch. 
I designed a whole line of pieces, made them, took photos, put up my website only to decide it didn't feel right. What I knew about bamboo was nagging at me and although I had yet to do the research I knew that any kind of new fabric wouldn't feel right.
So I moved to try selling the patterns for the designs for other to make their own clothes and use whichever fabrics they decided while encouraging them to make sustainable choices. Turns out I'm under educated in pattern making and don't really like it that much anyway.
Now I am back to my passion -sewing and crafting- but with a commitment to using upcycled materials. Since I started I've done research on different kinds of fabric and their impacts on the environment, and although I haven't looked into everything yet, the more I learn the more I am convinced the only was to sustainably create new things is to use old ones. 
One of the fashion industry's biggest problems is waste, which means there's a lot to work with.
I want to change the way I, and others look at waste. Of course it's a problem that needs to be dealt with, but perhaps the way to do so is by changing our perspective. What do we need? Resources? What do we have a lot of? Waste. Can waste become a resource? In this case, yes.
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