Washable Face Mask


This item is not returnable.

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Face Mask to wear out and about. This is NOT a medical grade mask, it will significantly decrease the wearer from spreading a virus and protect the wearer from inhaling virus to a lesser degree. This mask passes the candle test.

This mask is machine washable up to 4-5 times, when the lining starts to pill or thin its filtering ability is lessened. 3+ days between use does not require washing. Hand washing with ample soap and hang drying is ideal. 

See how this item is made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sxm5nichWiQ

This mask is made of two pieces, one covering the face mid nose to chin and cheekbone to cheekbone, the second one sitting under the chin to keep the mask in place close to the face. There is a pleat at the nose and on the sides. 
It has two linings of bonded polyester fabrics. Bonded fabrics are melted, as opposed to woven, and therefore have fewer and smaller spaces between the fibres giving it a greater ability to filter smaller particles.
The first lining is lightweight interfacing which is fused to the cotton and the second is Oly Fun fabric.
There is a wire over the nose to hold the mask closer to the face.
There is an elastic in the chin to hold the mask closer to the face.
The mask is fastened with one long piece of elastic threaded through the mask at the sides.