Fabric Options for Custom Orders

Well hello there and welcome to my fabric collection.

Here you will find a picture and description of all the different fabric options I have available for my various custom order items. 

Please read the descriptions carefully before choosing, because I only use second hand materials everything I use to create my pieces comes in different quantities. Each description will tell you what type of fabric I THINK it is (most of fabri comes to me unlabeled), what it looks like (if different from the picture) what it feels like, which of my custom products it is suitable for and how much of it I have.

None of the fabric choices will add to the price of the piece.

It is possible I may have run out of some fabric and have not been able to update quickly enough for the next customer. If your fabric choice is not flexible please email me first at mythroseclothing@gmail.com and I can make sure I have what you want. Upon confirming that I do in indeed have enough of said fabric in stock I will hold it for a maximum of 2 business days, during which time you can make your purchase.

Have fun!