Embroidery Design Collection


I have collected designs from various sites, but mostly from urbanthreads.com and emblibrary.com whose usage rights allow me to sell my products which have their designs on them.

These sites are reliable and provide excellent designs. Not all embroidery designs are created equal.

If you do not find something you like in the collection you can search the wonderful interwebs to find one that suits your unique style or even have one made special.

Before doing so please read on to understand what kind of pattern my machine is capable of stitching and your fabric choice is capable of supporting.

The most important thing is that you LOVE the design and the colours. But the next most important things are...

...it's the right design for your fabric.

For knit/stretchy fabrics designs with less stitches (light stitch) are best, the same is true to delicate fabrics.

For solid or more durable fabrics like bedsheets or solid curtains pretty much any design is possible.

My machine reads PES files, to date I have not come across a design that was not available in this format.

 My largest hoop can fit a 6" X 10" design. It is possible to accomodate a larger design if it broken into pieces, this must be offered by the designer it cannot be done to a finished design file.

I have an extensive thread collection of top quality polyester embroidery thread. Click on over to my thread collection page to choose your colours.